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About Altametric

Altametric, LLC was started in 2005. The company primarily serves customers in the finance and energy sector. We are located  in the United States and Canada. 

About A. P. Anselmo

Antonio Anselmo is currently a principal at Altametric, a founder of The Allocated Materials Management Company and an Executive Director of Firebox Energy Systems. Dr. Anselmo worked for 12 years at J.P. Morgan Chase in the Financial Engineering and Electronic Commerce groups within the Investment Bank. He was responsible for the development of many of the early derivative products used in structured debt, real options and asset/liability management. He was also the pioneering leader of the e-commerce effort at Chase during the mid 90’s.

Prior to this, he was a Scientist at Varian Associates for 4 years. He holds an M.B.A. from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College and a B.Sc., M. Eng. and Ph.D. from Cornell University. Dr. Anselmo was named and Edward Tuck Scholar at Dartmouth and was awarded a Teagle Fellowship for research while at Cornell. Also at Tuck, he was named an Adams Award winner for Entrepreneurship.

At JP Morgan Chase, he was awarded the Top Tier Award for 2000 by his peers as a leading individual contributor in the Investment Bank. He has published over twenty articles and has given over thirty public talks. His area of expertise within the business sector is strategic planning, financial engineering, derivatives and risk management.

Allocated Materials was started in 2011. The company will be an industry resource, providing a simplified and robust title and storage framework for the uranium supply chain.